In Pymemarketing offer creative and effective solutions to our customers, based on an understanding of your business and its needs.

We worked to open roads and build dialogue with their audiences, to define and communicate their messages.

We create news of the results of their company, their achievements with their customers and achieve promote their products / services in the advertising space or more appropriate channels.

The strategic communication is to ensure the success of a company in the short, medium and long term.

The Public Relations is a highly cost-effective method because messages can obtain wide circulation and avoids the high costs of advertising, since they do not have to pay for each appearance.

In short, they are a very effective because the information fair always attracts the most attention of the reader that traditional advertising thus enjoy greater credibility to the consumer.

Public Relations Advisor
Interviews and stories Public Relations


Our Services Public Relations flexibly focus on the following actions:


Public Relations Advisor

Presetations, Press, cabinet image and all kinds of related actions.


Our faith knowledge of the media allows us to maximize the options Free Treatment Information.

Sponsorship and patronage

Advisory tee and management of any kind sponsorship.

Interviews and stories in the media

Can you see an Professionals in Business, as the viewer appreciates the relevant content within the media and allow the company to make its knowledge of a field of specialization. And especially in industrial markets or professional experts as contributing Visibility within their market.

2.0 Public Relations

The growing foundation of the New Participatory Media on the Internet makes the messages may have an expansion viral uncontrollable consequence of a phenomenon very participatory and a loudspeaker effect in the form of search results.

We help create communication strategies to eliminate unwanted content for your company's image, as well as expand postivo a message about your company or just the opposite, counter if it is negative.

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