A young history pointing toward Success ...


The history of Pymemarketing


Miguel Galve, has always been a firm believer that the Internet and New Technologies could facilitate marketing activities and timeless ubiquity of services / products of the companies in order to increase sales and attract new customers.

Therefore it begins to investigate on web design when still in high school and when subsequently arrives at the University of Tokyo to make their studies in the Bachelor of Administration and Management of companies actively involved in social activities as a member of AIESEC representing class and later as a partner in the group TEN. Ahí es donde descubre su valía para los negocios en Marketing + Interne ty motivado por los conocimientos que disponen muchos de los socios con más años que él, empieza un carrera de autoaprendizaje basada en revistas de actualizadad ecnoómica, libros de marketing , blogs y webs de Internet . That is where discover their worth for business in Internet Marketing + motivated by the knowledge available to many of the partners with more years he begins a career self-learning based on actualizadad ecnoómica magazines, books for marketing blogs and websites .

After accumulating experience in the Group TEN collaborating in the organization of several days led to high professional and academic reputation at the national level within the ICT sector, as were the IV conference InfoDIEZ 'BI: A competitive advantage' and V InfoDIEZ Days' New Technologies for Business Management.

Small meetings and conferences university level. En un clima de cálidez y foro de opinión. In a climate of cálidez forum and opinion.

Or corporate events which gathers 600 diners and around 2000 attendees at the party.

Start training courses to university and tutoring business on the Internet, corporate blogs, marketing tools and online advertising.

And he realizes that there is a need for training, which logically corresponds to a niche market for consulting and implementation of these solutions to SMEs. Toma los Blogs corporativos como bandera para comenzar su emprendimiento y rápidamente entiende que las empresas necesitan una solución más global. Take the blogs as a corporate flag to start his venture and quickly understood that the companies need a more comprehensive solution.

When the project is about to become enterprise, Miguel receives an interesting offer labor Ramon Añaños to join his Signature of Maketing and Consulting, which accepts and where Miguel consolidates all its expertise in the form of consulting experience with major customers and leading Interesting projects for companies in different sectors in Marketing and implementing new technologies site.

Expertos en marketing, publicidad, relaciones publicas y organización de eventos

Nevertheless Miguel needs to sell their ideas and entrepreneurial motivation it continues to develop this concept to launch in the form of Company: Today, Pymemarketing reaches a diversified line of business, thanks to a brilliant team of professionals skilled, working every day to achieve their dreams professionals within a company committed to success.


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